Cargolux Airlines: New headquarters building

Cargolux Airlines: New headquarters building

Cargolux Airlines: New headquarters building
August 11
08:12 2017

Cargolux Airlines and lux-Airport have launched the active phase of the airlines new headquarters building at Luxembourg. The building on the municipal territory of Sandweiler will be located adjacent to Cargolux’s maintenance hangar, to which it is connected by a glass bridge, and offers room for the company’s administrative staff with parking spaces. The airline’s training organization, including crew training and its two Boeing 747 simulators, will also be located there.

The Cargolux administrative staff is currently spread over several locations. With the new building, the company brings everyone under one roof and facilitates closer and faster interaction between all departments. Cargolux employs close to 1,400 staff in Luxembourg, including crews and maintenance staff.

“With the new building, we can finally bring together the Cargolux family in one central location at our home base at Luxembourg Airport”, says Richard Forson, Cargolux President & CEO.





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