Carousel Logistics Partners with Varamis Rail to develop electric cargo route between Birmingham and Glasgow

In-night delivery company Carousel Logistics has joined forces with Varamis Rail to develop a fully electric rail cargo route between Birmingham and Glasgow.

The partnership began in February of this year with a trial, and now the electric route has officially become a part of Carousel Logistics’ European delivery operations.

Varamis Rail will be using old passenger trains which have been converted into cargo transport trains which can carry freight between the Midlands and Scotland at 100 miles per hour.

Andrew Lowery, Managing Director UK, Carousel Logistics said: “The introduction of this zero-emission route out of Birmingham, our primary UK hub, is a real win-win for us.

“Not only does this high-speed electric train drive our journey toward carbon neutrality, it is also faster than the diesel-fuelled alternatives.

Varamis Rail says the electric route will save 1,350 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year under the current schedule of a return journey between the cities five nights a week.


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