CEVA launches first Control Tower in Italy

CEVA Logistics has officially launched the single, highly computerised area, called the Control Tower, in Assago (Milan) Italy.

The €6 million Control Tower is an innovative and integrated information hub that enables the control of fundamental logistics operations from a single central point, at both national and international levels.

The Control Tower is structured into three areas, each performing specific functions:

  • Red Area – dedicated to monitoring overall transport optimisation including the network of national and international transport and financial targets.
  • Blue Area – dedicated to planning and flow optimisation of the 4PL approach, which includes the handling of all transport.
  • Grey Area – dedicated to monitoring alarms during the transport phases, including real-time CCTV monitoring of high-value transport and scrutiny of warehouses.
The Control Tower offers companies both short- and long-term benefits to their logistics solutions, including close monitoring of each operation to ensure the maximisation of all transportation; 24/7 global coverage of CEVA’s Italian locations, increased reaction time to issues arising, and a system of advanced real-time reporting of processes.

Quelle: eyefortransport
Portal:  www.logistik-express.com

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