CEVA signs five year agreement with La Scuola

CEVA Logistics has signed a five year contract with La Scuola S.p.A., an Italian publishing company focused on school textbooks.

CEVA will manage the warehousing activities for La Scuola for subsidiary materials and school books intended for primary and secondary schools in Italy. The logistics operator will also handle inbound and outbound products, the preparation of orders and the transport of books to warehouses, dealers and agents. In addition, CEVA will be responsible for returns, ordinary and special waste handling. Each year, CEVA in Italy will handle 4.3m items, totalling 21.5m books through the length of the contract.

CEVA will dedicate 2,600 sq m within the City of Books, its logistics platform located in Stradella, near Pavia. The 80,000 sq m warehouse, where 90m books are handled every year, was built specifically the publishing industry.

Gioachino Figlia, Consumer Divisional Director, CEVA in Italy, said: "We will be able to meet the expectations of La Scuola thanks to the flexibility and the excellence of our warehouse situated in the hub of Stradella. It makes it possible for us to support publishers who are tackling the significant seasonal fluctuations that characterize the school publishing sector. Our efficient logistics solutions are designed to handle high and peak demand periods, when the fast and efficient management of orders becomes fundamental for publishers – we can guarantee the delivery of the right book at the right time."

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