Cost Versus Strategy in the APAC Hi-tech Supply Chain – a Complimentary Webinar

eyefortransport have announced the details of their latest free webinar on Wednesday August 1st at 5pm SGT, 10am GMT giving a comprehensive overview of how two industry-leading companies have approached ballancing cost with strategy in their supply chains through the Asia Pacific region.
According to eyefortransport’s 2012 APAC Hi-tech and Electronics Supply Chain Report: Regional Issues, Cost reduction and Inventory Management & working capital reductions were far and away the top two priorities for executives in the APAC region with 49% of respondents selecting each of these as their top priorities. This webinar aims to offer you two case studies on how two leading global hi-tech companies have developed their APAC Supply Chain strategy while controlling cost.
Jimmy Lim, Strategic procurement, Global Logistics at HP, will be discussing Singapore’s changing role as a hub in HP’s SC Strategy. Merwin Wilfred, Director – Operations at Qualcomm will then discss how Qualcomm started with Lean and has evolved its strategy from here.
The 60 minute session takes place on Wednesday, August 1st at 5pm SGT, 10am GMT and 5am EDT. 
The webinar will also feature a live polling and Q&A session so you can pitch your questions to Jimmy and Merwin.
You can join the webinar for free here. 
Those registered for the webinar will receive a full copy of the webinar recordings. This means that if you cannot make the time slot, you will still receive the webinar recording if you have signed up.

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