Drivers lack first aid skills

Drivers lack first aid skills

Drivers lack first aid skills
Januar 11
15:36 2017

Many LGV drivers may be lacking crucial first aid and road traffic incident management skills, according to the RTITB.

Drivers don't have the first aid skills they needIt said that data from the Master Driver CPC Consortium, since September 2015 showed that only two per cent of Driver CPC Periodic Training courses delivered included first aid and/or road traffic scene management.

By contrast, 33 per cent of training hours uploaded have been for courses around driver hours or tachographs, while 24 per cent were for courses which include load safety, load security and loading vehicles safely.

“If Driver CPC is about improving road safety, why do employers and drivers feel that prioritising courses on tachographs and driver hours is right for them?” says Laura Nelson, managing director of RTITB.

“Taking training that tackles compliance issues is important but alone it simply isn’t going to help improve safety on the roads.”

“Lorry drivers are often first on the scene when an accident happens, so first aid and incident management skills are absolutely crucial. Improving safety is our top priority at RTITB, so we strongly urge more drivers and employers to include these important training courses in their current Driver CPC training cycle.”



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