Huntsman clinch top prize at IChemE Awards

Huntsman Pigments won the top prize at last night’s IChemE 2011 Awards ceremony for its revamped site in Calais, France.  More than 400 guests from all over the world were in Birmingham, UK for the event celebrating chemical engineering innovation and excellence.

Huntsman was awarded the Outstanding achievement in chemical and process engineering award (sponsored by BP) after turning a site threatened with closure into a thriving new revenue stream.

In 2008, the future of Huntsman’s Calais site looked gloomy, being difficult and expensive to run. However, by turning waste filter salts into sustainable fertilizers and securing new markets, Huntsman now has plans to build a new £25m fertilizer plant on the site.

Elsewhere, Sellafield Limited and Costain Energy and Process both celebrated double success. Sellafield Limited won the Health and safety award and the Core chemical engineering award, the latter with Leeds University and BHR Group Limited. Costain’s Robert Smyth and Steve Jackson lifted the Young chemical engineer of the year award and Innovator of the year award respectively.

The event, hosted by BBC television personality Hugh Dennis, also saw three UK universities clinch prizes.

The University of Manchester won the Bioprocessing award for discovering a new process to turn waste substance glycerol into succinic acid; University College London won the Education and training award for its modular bioprocessing training program; And the University of Surrey clinched the Water management and supply award for its Manipulated Osmosis Desalination (MOD) process, having already received a special achievement award earlier in the evening in recognition of 100 years of chemical engineering.

Other award winners were E2V Technologies who won the Energy award for its ProWave microwave technology; Hertel, winner of the Food and drink processing award for its cold wort evaporation technology and dealcoholisation of beer; and Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, winner of the Sustainable technology award for its Magsonic process for handling magnesium..

IChemE chief executive David Brown says: “Once again, we’ve been able to recognize some of the world’s best innovation. An event like this really does demonstrate the breadth of work taking place in the chemical and process engineering community.”

The 2012 IChemE Awards dinner will take place on 1 November 2012. Contact Matt Stalker ( for more information. 

2011 Award winners

The outstanding achievement in chemical and process engineering award sponsored by BP: Winner: Huntsman Pigments

The education and training award sponsored by Costain

Winner: University College London

Highly commended: Flash Bang Science and Sellafield Ltd

The energy award sponsored by PM Group
Winner: E2V Technologies
Highly commended: DRD Power

The sustainable technology award sponsored by ABB Consulting
Winner: The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia
Highly commended: Universidade do Porto and Cardiff University/Dow

The health and safety award sponsored by Rowan House
Winner: Sellafield Ltd
Highly commended: The Titanium Dioxide Manufacturers Association and Sellafield Ltd

The bioprocessing award sponsored by the Biosciences KTN
Winner: The University of Manchester
Highly commended: The Centre for Process Innovation

The chemical engineering project of the year award sponsored by Sellafield Ltd
Winner: The National Nuclear Laboratory
Highly commended: Costain

The young chemical engineer of the year award sponsored by GSK
1st: Robert Smyth (Costain)
2nd: Nathan Moloney (BP)
3rd: Tom James (Organic Drive)

The water management and supply award sponsored by United Utilities
Winner: The University of Surrey
Highly commended: Thames Water and Qenos

The food and drink processing award sponsored by the school of chemical engineering at Birmingham University
Winner: Hertel

The innovator of the year award sponsored by NES
1st Steve Jackson (Costain)
2nd: John Zhu
3rd: Zoltan Nagy

The innovative product of the year award sponsored by AstraZeneca
Winner: University of Sheffield
Highly commended: Enval

The core chemical engineering award sponsored by Simon Carves
Winner: Sellafield Ltd
Highly commended: UOP and Costain

Quelle: IChemE (Institution of Chemical Engineers)

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