IMS Rail Switzerland operates under the “Intercontainer“-brand

Joint Venture of IMS GmbH (Vienna) and the Dutch VeKa Group launches container rail transport activities between Switzerland and Rotterdam


A new provider is taking action in the Swiss market of rail-neutral container transport operators. Basel-based IMS Rail Switzerland and its 20 persons workforce are to take over the former traffics of ICF West with Rotterdam from 1 February 2011. The company is headed by CEO Enrique Rivas. Max Kuske manages the Sales and Marketing division. A manager for the Operations sector will be appointed in the next few days.

In the initial stage IMS Rail Switzerland AG is to offer logistics companies and the shipping industry three shuttle round trips per week between Switzerland and Rotterdam. Traction services will be provided by a private railway company. Shuttle trains between the German seaports of Hamburg and Bremerhaven, and Switzerland are about to be introduced in the market shortly. In the seaports, container transhipment to/from rail, quayside transfers and despatches will be coordinated and handled by staff of the own organisation.

On 10 January 2011 container operator IMS Intermove Systems Speditions- und Transport GmbH in Vienna announced to take over the activities of Business Unit West from ICF Intercontainer-Interfrigo SA, which is currently in liquidation. In addition to IMS GmbH in Vienna, the Dutch group of companies VeKa Group has now become a shareholder in IMS Rail Switzerland AG as well.

In the context of a diversification, VeKa Group, originally established in the business of shipbuilding, has taken a commitment in the logistics branch in past years. The group has a large organisation and a well-established network in the Netherlands. Enrique Rivas expects this constellation to yield positive results with regard to quality and efficiency of current and future intermodal traffic run by IMS Rail Switzerland AG.

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