Inland navigation: NPRC takes over Overmeer Transport Group

Merger of NPRC and Overmeer Transport Group forms the Netherland’s biggest full service logistics provider for the waterway

A new strong provider is being formed in the inland navigation industry: NPRC, a private cooperative of 85 professional inland navigation operators, takes over its competitor Overmeer Transport Group. Thus NPRC increases its transport volume to eleven million tonnes of dry cargo per year. The merger forms the Netherlands’s biggest transport company operating on the waterway.

To shippers this takeover means more security (of transport) and a substantial improvement in management and duration of the logistic process. The new combination can provide full service logistics on all European waterways – from the Dutch “Randstad” and the Ruhr area to the channels in France and Germany – as well as ships with capacity for 250 to 5,000 tonnes of dry cargo.

„The current difficult economic conditions are also a heavy burden on the inland waterways industry and its entrepreneurs. Against this background, transport guarantees and full-service are becoming increasingly important – but at the same time are more difficult to implement. One market study after the next concludes that the only chance for the industry to keep the head above water in the truest sense of the word is cooperation,“ reads a press release of the two companies. Together they were big enough to achieve enough volume that is required today, and give the customers a transport guarantee.

On behalf of companies such as Akzo Nobel and Bayer Material Science the NPRC transports annually approximately seven million tonnes of dry cargo on the European waterways. The co-operative with 85 barges represents a total capacity of 175,000 tonnes. In 2013 Overmeer transported approximately four million tonnes of dry cargo. The family enterprise with offices in the Netherlands, Germany and France is a specialist in operations with relatively small ships on the German and French channels.

Quelle: LogEastics

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