Just Stop Oil protestors criticised by logistics director

Mike Parr, Managing Director of Perishable Movements Ltd (PML), has criticised protestors who climbed the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge at the Dartford Crossing, causing road closures and significant delays along the M25.

The bridge is still closed as the two men, who climbed the structure to demand that the UK government immediately halt all licensing for future production of fossil fuels, remain suspended from it.

The disruption has inevitably impacted logistics companies, especially those distributing perishables.

Parr explained how PML drivers have been affected saying: “Our drivers are being put under considerable stress, knowing that the cargo they are carrying is time critical since every hour wasted in traffic represents an hour off the shelf life of these goods.”

He noted that issues continue once drivers are clear of the crossing, as “they can no longer continue driving to try and make up time because legally they have to take a break after being at the wheel (regardless of whether they are at a standstill) every four and a half hours.”

Furthermore, Parr voiced his frustration that a protest against unnecessary carbon emissions has caused vehicles stuck in the resultant traffic to be less environmentally efficient on their journeys.

Essex Police is currently working to resolve the matter and eventually get the roads open again.

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