Lagermax: New site in Villach and investments in CEE

New terminal of Lagermax forwarding in Villach offers Carinthia’s industry customer-specific logistics services and strengthens the network with Southeastern Europe

Lagermax Internationale Spedition GmbH mit Sitz in Villach (Carinthia) has moved into its new terminal on 8 September 2014 and started full operation. At the just completed building in Villach-Perau the company offers customer-specific services on a 15,000m² area with 8,700 m² storage area. The new site will now be Carinthia’s hub for Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.

According to the statements of Lagermax the benefits of the enlargement are the following: „The additional capacity allows to optimise transshipment and delivery times. With the new building the Carinthian branch is well positioned to continue to act as a hub in the Southeast Europe network of the company. “

With an investment of EUR 8.5 million the Lagermax group establishes also a new logistics centre in Luka in Zagreb, with 18,000 m²storage area. It replaces the previous location and allows for the expansion of transportation and logistics services in Croatia. The Croatian Lagermax network currently consists of 7 locations, achieving a wide coverage across the country.

Expanding the existing throughput station in Prague by 2,300 m², Lagermax Czech Republic reacts to the continuously increasing volume of goods. The additional building comprises a total of 20 docking ports and also provides enhanced opportunities for wagon loading. The total investment there is EUR 1.5 million.

Lagermax also strengthens the connection between Istanbul and Koper with the newly established branch in Istanbul, and, in collaboration with Frikus Koper significantly improved links to and from Turkey. With this service, which will be made available to European customers in the future, significant volume increases were achieved.

The Lagermax Group with 54 locations in twelve countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia and Turkey) offers a sophisticated distribution network for all customer requirements. The Lagermax Group achieved a 2013 turnover of EUR 390 million and employs 3,125 people.

The address of Lagermax Internationale Spedition GmbH at the new location is Gewerbezeile 11, 9500 Villach (T. +43 0) 4242 / 52040-0 / F. +43 (0) 4242/52040 to 2496), and provides:

• 14,000 m² total area

• 7,500 m² warehouse space

• 900 m² office space

• 800 m² temperature controlled warehouse

• 1,000 m² covered open space

• 11 docking gates with hydraulic loading ramps

Quelle: LogEastics

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