Locus Robotics shows off technology at IntraLogisteX 2023

Michelle Mooney spoke to Kary Zate, Senior Marketing Director at Locus Robotics to see how IntraLogisteX was going so far….

What are you guys showcasing today?

‘We’re showcasing a number of things; like our Locus Origin, as well as our Locus Vector, and Locus Max robots, which allow us to handle any material in the warehouse, no matter what the size, weight or shape.’

What have you noticed about footfall since we have combined the two shows in the same location?

‘I think we’ve seen a good spillover between both of them. I think the opportunities are blending because of this.’

Do you think robotics and automation technologies is the answer to the UK’s restricted labour market?

‘I think it is, it’s not only happening here but globally. It’s a problem that’s occurring for a number of reasons. There’s a generation now that is looking for better opportunities, and warehouse work is frankly very difficult. And you need to find ways to make their jobs easier, without sacrificing productivity, so I think automation is the key to making that happen.’

How are you finding the show so far?

‘We have been very busy, I think the show has done very well, and I think we’ll be back next year!’


Source: logisticsmanager.com

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