OT Logistics to take over operational control of Rijeka port

Thanks to arrangements made with Luka Rijeka’s other shareholders, OT Logistics will be able to operationally manage the Croatian port. After OT Logistics increased its stake in Luka Rijeka to 32.56%, a cooperation agreement was executed with Croatian pension funds Allianz ZB d.o.o. and ERSTE d.o.o. In aggregate, the shareholders signing the agreement control 56.56% of Luka Rijeka’s shares. The cooperation agreement between shareholders has been signed for a period of 7 years.

“Having increased our stake in Luka Rijeka and signed a partnership agreement with other shareholders, we are gaining real influence over the port’s operating activities. Rijeka is a very important spot on Europe’s transport map. We believe that it can become a gateway for goods from northern Europe to pass through on their way to Africa, the Middle East and further to the Persian Gulf. We are sticking to our objective of increasing our stake in the Croatian company to 50% + one share,” says Zbigniew Nowik, CEO of OT Logistics.

On 7 September, OT Logistics acquired 11.75% of shares in Luka Rijeka d.d. through a block transaction executed on the Zagreb Stock Exchange. The shares were sold by Croatia’s privatisation agency. With the acquisition of this additional block of shares, OT Logistics Group have a 32.56% stake in the Croatian port operator. In July 2015, OT Logistics purchased a 20.81% stake in Luka Rijeka, signalling that it would be interested in increasing its ownership of the port operator.

OT Logistics Group is a recognized brand in the logistics industry, based on the Polish capital. For over 70 years they have provided a full range of transport, forwarding and logistics. Their core business include Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe – Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary.



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