Rebranding of the Royal Burger Group’s port agencies

Burger Port Agencies change their name into S5 Agency World as of 1 February 2012

As from 1 February 2012 the Royal Burger Group carries out all her port agency activities under a new name. The organisation previously known as Burger Port Agencies, changed its name to S5 Agency World. The Burger group is co-founder and shareholder of the company established in 2006.

Karel Peters, CEO Royal Burger Group and also Executive Chairman S5 Agency World, sees the rebranding as a major step ahead. Peters expects more opportunities arising through collective investments: not only technologically, but also in terms of widening the range of services.

The Royal Burger Group headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands is a private enterprise with about 400 staff. The group has 24 offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, the UK, Sweden, Austria, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and China. The group is specialising on services in the maritime and logistic sector and is divided into the following units: Port Agencies, Logistic Services, Liner Agencies and Ferry Agencies.

Quelle: LogEastics

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