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eCommerce Logistik-Day - 25. September 2019

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Schachinger Logistik remains committed to sustainability

18. Oktober 2018 08:01

Beitrag bequem vorlesen lassen:

Headquartered in Hörsching near Linz, Schachinger Logistik remains committed to sustainability and participates in key logistics projects of the future in this field. “We have been using e-vehicles for city delivery of parcels for many years now – and the passenger car fleet also partly consists of e-vehicles,” so the company on the occasion of the publication of the hot off the press sustainability report for the period 2015-2017. 

The latest highlight is the deployment of one of the first fully electric trucks. With the official handover of the e-truck, the company and MAN began a practical test phase in order to gain extensive insights and impulses for continuous development and optimization.

Now, the Austrian logistics specialist wants to set another milestone on the way to the electrification of urban distribution traffic, where emission-free and low noise pollution play an increasingly important role. For this purpose, all locations were equipped with appropriate charging ports. The project as such is intended to shed light on how the use in heavy goods traffic looks like in reality (for example: capacity effects due to weather, especially in winter, reliability of the vehicle and actual mileage and duration of charging times).

As long-term trendsetters in sustainability projects with numerous awards in logistics, those responsible are very positive about the testing phase, “because we as a company also feel obliged to contribute to the relief of our environment.” The social aspects are also preserved. More than 600 employees with a wide variety of trainings and different cultural backgrounds form the strong backbone of Schachinger Logistik.

With the workplace health promotion initiated in 2008 under the title “… G’sundheit”, the company claims to create long-term health-promoting conditions for its employees and to promote general awareness on the subject of health. Carefully selected lectures, sports offers and health days with a balanced mix of offers including medical consultations within one week are important cornerstones and are the reasons why the logistics specialist was voted one of the best employers in Austria.

The new Sustainability Report of Schachinger Logistik Holding GmbH covers the years 2015-2017. During this period, many things in the company have changed permanently. One has again focused on the core competence in the branch logistics and looks back on the most successful financial year (2017/2018) since existence, is emphasized in a letter.



Source: oevz.com/en

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4. eCommerce Logistik-Day

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4. eCommerce Logistik-Day / Wien, 25.09.2019


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