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Styrian Frikus group renamed

Styrian Frikus group renamed

Styrian Frikus group renamed
Januar 28
11:41 2014

Styrian transport and logistics provider operates as Frikus Transportlogistik GmbH based in Zettling near Graz since last week

Frikus group has a new company name. In a short mailing the management informs that Frikus Friedrich Kraftwagentransport und Speditions GmbH is operating under the firm name Firmierung Frikus Transportlogistik GmbH since January 23, 2014. The change of the name will not be ensued by any further legal changes. All data such as company adress, Telefone numbers, e-mail adresses, UID-number, commercial register number and bank account will remain the same.

Frikus was established as a transport company in 1928. Today the enterprise supports customers from all over Europe with worldwide logistics concepts. Combining logistics competence and a large vehicle fleet make Frikus a specialist for developing and implementing individual logistics solutions.

The subsidiary of the Salzburg Lagermax Lagerhaus und Speditions AG generated sales of EUR 67 million in the 2013 financial year, employing 560 staff at sites in Austria, Hungary, Slovenia and Bulgaria. The company-owned fleet comprises 285 trailer trucks in a variety of confirgurations.


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