Job Karriere: Leiter Logistics Procurement (m/w)

Diese Position bezieht sich auf MAGNA STEYR Fahrzeugtechnik AG & Co KG in Graz / Österreich, einen Geschäftsbereich von Magna Steyr.

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Swissterminal Group is driving its further development

13. Februar 2018 08:19
Swissterminal Group is driving its further development

Beitrag bequem vorlesen lassen:

Swissterminal AG, headquartered in Frenkendorf, changes its company structure and splits its activities into two divisions, one for operational and the other for non-operational activities. To this end a new umbrella company will be founded, operating under the name 2M-Holding.

With this new strategic move, they put a stronger focus on various areas of business and prepare the way for entering new markets, informs a press release of the provider of logistics services connected to handling and transport of overseas containers.

The new company structure of Swissterminal is as follows: Swissterminal Holding AG covers the operational activities of Swissterminal Basel AG, Swissterminal Birsfelden AG, Swissterminal AG and Swissterminal International AG, including Schweizerzug AG amongst others. These operating companies specialise in the handling and storage of empty and loaded containers.

The organisation of transport, securing of cold chains and inspection procedures on behalf of shipping companies are also part of their portfolio. In addition, Schweizerzug connects the two sites at Frenkendorf and Niederglatt via the hub Neuss Trimodal with the major European ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam.

The new 2M-Holding consists of two companies. The newly founded 2M Solutions AG is involved in activities that include domestic servicing and maintenance as well as services in the terminal sector, while Swissterminal Frenkendorf AG mainly covers assets such as real estate, buildings and various other assets. The shareholder structure remains unchanged in the course of the reorientation.

Roman Mayer, President and Delegate of the Board of Directors of the Swissterminal companies, comments as follows on the new company structure: “The Swissterminal group has been in a process of constant development in recent years. In October 2016 for example, we launched a new transport service with Schweizerzug, and in November 2017 we reopened our Niederglatt terminal. Bundling our operative activities in a holding, we are optimally prepared for implementing new projects in the future.“

As the market leader in the field of terminal services, and as an independent interface for combined transport, the Swissterminal Group handles inland vessels, freight trains and trucks. The family-owned company operates terminals at four locations in Switzerland (Basel, Birsfelden, Frenkendorf, Niederglatt near Zürich) and is also represented by partners at the major transport hub Rotterdam.

In addition to the terminal and intermodal activities, the company also offers trading, storage and repair of containers. Furthermore, securing the cold chain and customs clearance are part of the service portfolio.




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Job: Leiter Logistics Procurement (m/w)

Diese Position bezieht sich auf MAGNA STEYR Fahrzeugtechnik AG & Co KG in Graz / Österreich, einen Geschäftsbereich von Magna Steyr.

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