Testing capacity must be increased before fines are issued to HGV drivers, says Logistics UK

Logistics UK has said that testing capacity must be increased before changes in legislation are made that would place fines on HGV drivers without a negative Covid-19 test.

In response to today’s (22nd January 2021) laying out of the government’s Statutory Instrument on fines for HGV drivers without COVID-19 tests, Logistics UK said that it was disappointed with the decision.

Elizabeth de Jong said: “Logistics UK remains extremely concerned that today’s decision to provide Ministers with the means to introduce fines against HGV drivers entering Kent without a negative COVID test,” as it will “place place unfair costs on drivers”.

The company added that it wanted reassurance from the government, that such a fine would only be implemented once it was shown that inland testing sites across the country have “proven capacity”, and it also called for that capacity to be increased before any legislation can be implemented.

De Jong added: “It is imperative that international hauliers based in Kent still have access to testing within the county, to prevent unnecessary detours away from the border, and that there is also capacity to test those arriving in Kent without a valid negative test.”

It comes after the government released plans for vaccinating up to 2,000 logistics employees after it recognised them as essential to the supply of the Covid-19 vaccine.

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