West Midlands Police awards uniform contract to DHL

West Midlands Police awards uniform contract to DHL

West Midlands Police awards uniform contract to DHL
September 12
16:05 2017

West Midlands Police has awarded DHL Supply Chain a six year contract under the National Uniform Managed Service (NUMS).

DHL will design and deliver police uniforms and equipment from patrol wear to body armour. DHL also has a contract with the Metropolitan police to implement NUMS and work towards a single national platform for uniform procurement.

“We’re delighted to build on our success with the Metropolitan Police and manage NUMS for West Midlands Police,” said Simon Potter, vice president public sector, DHL Supply Chain. “We’re proud to have developed a service which streamlines uniform procurement to create significant cost savings, and make the day-to-day lives of officers that much easier.”

Source: logisticsmanager.com

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