What are some of the biggest issues you face as a logistics service provider?

In a world where everything is speeding up, so should your operations and daily processes.

When your bottom line is directly impacted by not only the speed of your network, but the accuracy and ability to handle customer demands and maintain service level agreements, you need a robust software solution that supports the whole enterprise.

If you are planning for ongoing growth like Raben, there are some questions that probably keep you up at night, and require immediate answers.

  • Gaining efficiency with growing small parcel shipments?
  • Managing a complex IT ecosystem?
  • Tracking big data in real time?
  • Keeping all business units on the same page?
  • Maintaining margins and improving cost structure?
  • Having visibility across the entire operation?
  • Scaling up to meet global demand?
  • Or a mix of any of these?

Raben, with over 130 global locations and 9,500 employees, knew it was time to simplify and improve operations for a truly international business model with a single centralised transportation management system.

See the case study to discover how Raben was able to utilise key benefits across all business units to meet their challenges.

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