World Airways expands Allied Air contract

World Airways has expanded its cooperation with ANA-Allied Air Cargo to include a second MD-11F aircraft for service through December 2011 between Europe and various cities in Africa.

World Airways, a subsidiary of Global Aviation Holdings, Inc., began operating aircraft for ANA-Allied Air in October 2008.

Allied Air’s chief executive, Captain Val Tongo, said that Lagos, one of ANA-Allied’s primary destinations, is developing as a very efficient and secure cargo gateway, and the expansion of the carrier’s MD-11F fleet as well as its investment in the only on-airport secure transit facility provides clients with the highest levels of service, and Allied Air aims to become a leading African cargo airline.

The Nigerian all-cargo airline operates four Boeing 727 freighters as well as the two MD-11 freighters leased from World Airways. Allied Air carries more than 400 tons of fresh flowers and vegetables per week from both Kenya and Uganda to the major European markets in Holland and the UK.

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