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EMAS certification 2012 for via donau

EMAS certification 2012 for via donau

Juni 27
09:42 2012

Third award in succession for via donau after the Energy Globe 2010 and the environmental award “Stadt Wien – Umweltpreis 2011”
It was thanks to the introduction of a comprehensive management system and numerous measures to confirm their ecological and social responsibility, that via donau Österreichische Wasserstraßen-Gesellschaft mbH received another prize after the Energy Globe 2010 and the environmental award of the city of Vienna “Umweltpreis 2011 der Stadt Wien”. The enterprise was lately given the environmental award “EMAS Umweltpreis 2012”.
“via donau introduced a comprehensive environmental management system in the enterprise and planned and implemented many measures to support our ecological and social responsibility. This award confirms our effort for the sensitive ecological system of the Danube region and to continue our active support also in the future“, Hans-Peter Hasenbichler, Managing Director via donau, said on the occasion of the Life ministry handing over the EMAS award.
As the operator of the waterways, via donau stands for sustainable development of the living and economic area surrounding the Danube river, following an integrative approach: The Danube waterway is seen as a strong traffic infrastructure, as well as a unique ecological system that must be protected.
The most important via donau environmental protection initiatives are e.g. renaturalisation of the river bankds and dead channels of the Danube and March, which are carried out in cooperation with project partners such as the government of Lower Austria, WWF and the fishing association Landesfischereiverband in the frame of LIFE+ projects, with support from the European union. Renovations of particular company locations, like lately in Angern an der March and currently in Krems, help saving considerable amounts of costs for heating and water. via donau received the Energy Globe Award 2010 for collecting waste from ships at Austria’s Danube locks. The Umweltpreis der Stadt Wien 2011 honoured the transborder project WANDA, which allowed for free collection and recycling of waste from ships.
via donau, established in 2005 by the ministry of transport (bmvit), is by their own account the internationally leading waterways operator in the Danube region. Having expertise from about 270 employees, eg.g. in shipping and logistics, flood protection and ecological water engineering, the enterprise services many groups along the Danube.

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