Active fixes first ever live animal freighter flight to Siberia

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Amsterdam-based GSSA Active Airline Representatives has provided a graphic example of its comprehensive service capabilities, with the supervision of a delicate and high-value freighter-load of pregnant heifers destined for Yakutsk, Siberia. It is the first ever full freighter flight of live cattle into Siberia.

As GSSA for Coyne Airways in Holland since 1998, Active received the initial enquiry for the shipment from local specialist livestock freight agent Merzario B.V. Since the consignment comprised no less than 155 animals, each weighing 525-600 kilos, Coyne chartered a B747 freighter for the movement. Active Airlines’ first task was to ensure that a suitable maindeck loader would be available at destination, to unload the flight.

The cows were transported by road from the exporter in Austria, and delivered into Frankfurt Hahn Airport. Meanwhile, Roel van den Boogaard, General Manager of Merzario B.V., and Active Airline Representatives’ MD Ton Smulders travelled to Frankfurt Hahn to oversee the arrival, handling and loading of the cattle.

At Hahn, all 155 heifers were transferred inside the warehouse under veterinary control into purpose-built disposable wooden cattle pens, mounted on 31 airline pallets. They were then taken out onto the ramp, and loaded onto the freighter. Smulders personally supervised the entire process from penning, right through to the closing of the aircraft cargo doors immediately prior to departure.

The flight left Hahn at 01:00, arriving 8 hours later in Yakutsk, where the cows were offloaded in perfect condition and delivered to the consignee some 70km away, still comfortably housed in their temporary pens.

Says Active Airlines MD Ton Smulders: “Thanks to our close supervision at all stages, and Coyne’s expertise, the whole of this historic shipment went very smoothly. Coyne Airways is a specialist in charters to remote destinations throughout the CIS, and has staff who are fluent Russian-speakers. We used a Russian aircraft with Russian crew for this movement, so communications were straightforward at all times.

“As a GSSA, we are becoming more and more involved in additional services such as loading supervision and liaison between shippers, agents, our airline principals and ground handlers. We are more than happy to provide this extra support if it helps our principal to enhance their reputation for excellent service.”

Active Airline Services represents 25 airlines, and is the exclusive Dutch member of the EGSAC GSSA network, of which Ton Smulders is Vice President. EGSAC has 28 members, and has bases at over 60 locations in 30 countries.

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