APL Logistics launches Greenhouse Gas Product Suite to help customers reduce supply chain emissions

APL Logistics has released its Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Product Suite, providing its customers with tools to create a baseline for supply chain emissions and offer strategies to reduce them.

The GHG Product Suite is designed to empower its customers to measure, manage, and mitigate GHG emissions. The company can create a profile of its customers’ GHG emissions ‘by measuring each move of a product in the supply chain’. These movements are reported and brought together through its LSS+ Platform, which uses data analytics to find ways to optimise processes.

With the launch of this suite, APL Logistics offers customers access to efficiency programmes including Container Reduction, Mode Optimisation, and Procurement to optimise different parts of the supply chain, leading to greater economic and environmental efficiency.

The idea is that this information can be shared with customers’ leadership and sustainability teams, as well as the public, as part of their sustainability strategies.

APL Logistics acknowledges that “Scope 3 emissions are the most difficult for companies to both measure and report”, believing that it can ease this process for customers and provide them with the necessary statistics to track and reduce GHG emissions.

Thad Bedard, Chief Commercial Officer of APL Logistics, said: “We’ve worked hard to clarify the complex topic of greenhouse gas emissions by delivering sustainable solutions that remain in line with business needs.

“Our innovative and flexible approach integrates corporate emission reduction goals, financial drivers, and stakeholder demands to deliver powerful solutions.”

Source: logisticsmanager.com

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