Cargo Center Graz wants to double its Container Business by 2020

Export orientated companies in Upper and Lower Austria to consolidate CCG’s position as the focal point for container transport via Adriatic ports

The people in charge at Cargo Center Graz (CCG) are pursuing ambitious goals. They intend to develop the terminal in Werndorf near Graf into a European East-West / North-South hub and to position it to become the Austrian focal point for Adriatic transport. Prerequisites for this are to increase cooperation with the Adriatic port of Koper (Slovenia) even further as well as a sales campaign in Austria to win new export customers.

„Our goal is to double the number of incoming and outgoing containers and other repositories by 2020 and thereby achieve strong growth in terminal operations. After the expansion of Adriatic ports over the next few years, they will become increasingly important for the Austrian economy“, emphasised CCG’s Sales Director,  Christian Steindl. Cargo Center Graz currently operates daily shuttle trains to the Slovenian Adriatic coast.

Christian Steindl sees the additional volume of orders for goods transport to Asia, North Africa or Turkey coming above all from companies in Upper Austria and western Lower Austria which are heavily export-orientated. While the Styrian „Export Kings“ of south-east Austria internalised the Adriatic port of Koper as their gateway to the world long ago, the situation in Upper Austria and Lower Austria is different.

Christian Steindl: „From my time as CEO of Ennshafen, I know that many of the companies located there automatically think of the northern ports of Hamburg and Rotterdam for maritime transport. Koper does not play a role for the most part in these deliberations, although it would be an attractive alternative in every respect.“ This is where joint activities could be set up with Koper, which would benefit both partners in the long term. It would serve to close a gap especially in the area of export goods.

The expansion of Cargo Center Graz’s connections with the ports of Linz and Enns or the Wels train terminal is vital for it to be able to manage the potential volumes of goods from the new markets. There are plans to double the „aerial connections“ in the region (from two to four trains per week). „This way we ensure a connection to the North Sea ports via the port of Enns, and the port of Koper can be easily reached via Cargo Center Graz“, explained Christian Steindl.

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