CMA CGM makes customer satisfaction a key issue

7. März 2018 08:25

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A year ago Rodolphe Saadé, Chairman and CEO of the CMA CGM Group, defined ‘Customer Centricity’ as one of the group’s priorities. Since then, the container carrier has reevaluated its customer relationships, to have a clear understanding of their expectations, in order to deliver a high quality service. On the occasion of the 18th TPM Annual Conference, currently taking place in Long Beach, California, the maritime transport provider unveiled its new customer centricity strategy.

The strategy will place more timely and relevant information in customers’ hands and make better use of the information CMA CGM has to anticipate customers’ needs. Investments in analytics and business intelligence are focused on creating multichannel customer service capabilities. The global transformation of customers’ interaction with CMA CGM is expected to result in faster, more effective communication.

Within the coming months, innovative products will be offered to the group’s customers. Among these new offerings:

– a new finance solution to help customers expand their business abroad,

– a variety of digital solutions, allowing fully digital interactions between CMA CGM and customers with advanced online customer service. Customer service online, chat application, online dispute and claims, document self-service, new reporting dashboard and simplified and more user-friendly interfaces, including a simplified dashboard, one-step booking, and mobile follow-up

– online payment will be developed worldwide – personalised assistant to help customers reach new markets thanks to the group’s expertise and presence in more than 160 countries – new logistics solutions, such as advanced hubs to accelerate customers’ supply chain

– Personal assistants helping clients to reach new markets – thanks to the expertise and presence of CMA CGM in more than 160 countries

– New logistics solutions, egmodern hubs to improve the customers’ supply chain

Intelligent containers will be a standard offering for CMA CGM customers. Developed in partnership with and powered by Traxens, smart containers are the most advanced system providing complete, reliable and on-time data for customers. They will allow for:

– near real-time information, even during inland transport: geographic position, external and internal temperature variations, humidity variations, shocks and door openings

-personalised alerts -visibility to react to aberrations in supply chains

-geo-fencing notification of in/out movement of defined sites

-container unloading notification to organise inland transport right on time

Smart containers use the latest technologies and next generation connectivity for continuous tracking of cargo anywhere and anytime. Moreover, smart containers are fully integrated in the processes of CMA CGM to deliver immediate benefits to customers.



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