Cooltrax Fresh Helps Schwan’s Global Supply Chain, Inc. to Maintain Superior Food Freshness

Cooltrax, provider of real-time cold chain tracking and monitoring solutions for temperature-sensitive products and mobile assets, today announced that Schwan’s Global Supply Chain, Inc. ("Global Supply") has selected Cooltrax Fresh inTransit® to equip its private fleet of refrigerated trailers with real-time reefer management.
Founded in 1952 as a ‚one man and a truck‘ home-delivery business in Marshall, Minnesota, today the subsidiaries of The Schwan Food Company, one of the leading branded frozen food marketers in the world, employ about 14,000 people, and operate from about 500 locations including 12 major food production facilities in the United States. The privately held company maintains the largest private fleet in the country and markets hundreds of premium frozen food products worldwide through its three major business units that serve its food distribution channels — home delivery, retail grocery, and food service. Maintaining product freshness is essential for both preserving brand and customer loyalty, and for maintaining trusted relationships with its customer.
With its continued growth, the company turned to leading edge technologies for more efficient and highly effective cold chain management. Since 2009, the company has evaluated Cooltrax technology and its ability to provide real-time reporting of fridge status, asset location, cabin temperature, and door status. Such information provides Global Supply managers operational insight critical to proactively managing their rolling stock.
"The Cooltrax monitoring tools reach beyond the interface with our refrigerated units," said Lee Cummings, private fleet manager, Schwan’s Global Supply Chain. "The independent wireless sensors provide a critical layer of information about our trailer’s ambient temperatures, as well as spot checks on core product temperatures. With this tool we can validate that our standards for temperature consistency exceed company policy, which translates to exceptional product quality to our distribution arm."
Cooltrax in Schwan’s Global Supply Chain, Inc.
Fresh inTransit tracks the location of refrigerated trailers and reefers, monitors all aspects of the performance of the fridge unit, and provides independent reefer temperature monitoring using combined telemetry and wireless technologies.
Global Supply will implement Cooltrax throughout its entire private fleet serving the subsidiaries of The Schwan Food Company, which delivers branded products to over 500 affiliate depots each week.
With Fresh inTransit real-time temperature, fridge performance and location information for any number of assets can be viewed through a single, web-based interface, 24/7, from anywhere in the world. Temperature and other performance violations are reported immediately via SMS and/or email to enable pro-active management. Detailed graphs and reports are available to provide an intuitive record of historical information.
The Cooltrax sensors will deliver real-time temperature information that is critical to managing the refrigerated trailers carrying the products. The subsidiaries of The Schwan Food Company pride themselves on flash freezing products to ensure the consumer experience is as good as fresh cooked, and with Cooltrax providing the real-time monitoring of their assets, Global Supply is assured its products do not go through a thaw cycle typical of retail distribution models.
Real-Time Monitoring for Operational Efficiency and Improved Customer Loyalty
With the continued demand for operational efficiencies and better cold chain risk management — supply chain failure, bioterrorism, non-compliance, product security, and theft — organizations throughout the supply chain seek more robust solutions for tracking and monitoring products and assets.
Cooltrax offers the industry’s first real-time, 24/7 end-to-end solution set that monitors and tracks perishable products and assets throughout the cold chain. Active RF technology is combined with a single web-based interface to track, capture and automatically report product temperatures and locations in real-time — whether from inside a reefer, a distribution center or a refrigerated retail cabinet. The real-time processing of information allows the Cooltrax application to notify stakeholders of violations to standard operating procedures. This translates to increased shelf life, consistency of temperature, and validation of product integrity.

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