DHL Global Forwarding establish multimodal hub in Piraeus

DHL Global Forwarding establish multimodal hub in Piraeus

DHL Global Forwarding establish multimodal hub in Piraeus
November 19
08:14 2015

DHL’s “Maritime Silk Road” accelerates trade between Asian and European markets via Greece

DHL Global Forwarding, Freight is further expanding its multimodal service solutions in Europe with a new ocean and road freight connection between Europe and Asia, Northern Africa and the Middle East. The new transit hub is located in Piraeus, Greece and offers a unique geographical position for shorter end-to-end lead times for ocean freight shipments from Far East to Europe and vice versa.

Customers benefit from shorter transit times, day-definite full-truckload and daily less-than-truckload departures, and distribution from Piraeus within two to five days to key markets in Europe via DHL Freight’s network. Further advantages include customs clearance and end-to-end transparency over shipments. The new service saves over nine days of transit time compared to traditional ocean freight destinations such as Hamburg or Rotterdam. Piraeus port is a free trade zone, which allows quick transit and customs clearance.
Containers arriving at the inbound gateway in Greece immediately go through customs clearance. Full-container load shipments are unloaded in the port, then directly transferred onto trucks and dispatched via DHL Freight’s full-truckload service, which saves costs for empty container returns. The Cross Docking Station located close to the port serves for the de-consolidation of less-than-container load shipments and ensures a seamless connection to DHL Freight’s road network. Shipments from Piraeus depart on a daily basis and are picked-up at the gateways in Munich or Milan within 72 hours and 48 hours respectively.

The delivery of consignments from Asia to all major European markets takes now on average between 22-26 days instead of 31-35 days.
DHL is looking to further expand its multimodal service offering from Piraeus to rail and air freight transport modes in the future.

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