Hermes Europe CEO to retire

Hermes Europe CEO Carole Walker is to retire from her career in the Otto Group this summer and Kay Schiebur, Otto Group executive board member services will assume some of her responsibilities as of 1 March 2019.

Hermes Europe CEO Carole Walker

Walker joined the Otto Group 31 years ago as a graduate, taking the role of CEO Hermes Europe in November 2017.

She will reduce her worktime and concentrate on the activities of Hermes Germany, Hermes International and Hermes Europe in March. Hermes Fulfilment and Hermes Einrichtungs Service currently report to Schiebur and as of March he Hermes UK and Hermes France will also report to him.

The CEO Hermes Europe position will not be reassigned all companies will report directly to Kay Schiebur.

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