Lagermax group had a good year 2015

After EUR 395 million in 2014, the Lagermax corporate group generated sales of EUR 415 million in the past year. This equals a five percent growth across all divisions. The number of staff increased as well, by about seven percent to 3,200 employees.

Investments amounting to about EUR 29 in 2015, were almost doubled on 2014. The focus was on the expansion of locations – e.g. the new logistics terminal in Luka near Zagreb, Croatia – and on continued measures to create an ecological fleet.

Also in 2016 the group pursues its path, striving for moderate growth. Investment plans of once again EUR 29 million shall support the sustainable success of the company also in the future. “Our focus will be on optimised IT-based processes and the expansion of our international network“, reads a press release. The company will also continue to develop customised logistics solutions for all business segments to provide quality-oriented customer service.

The Lagermax group with its headquarters in Salzburg operates in the business segments of car logistics, transport, international forwarding, express and parcel services. The group has 53 own sites in twelve countries – Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Turkey – offering a sophisticated distribution network responding to all customer wishes.

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