Leisure Cargo trusts TRAXON Europe for its e-communications

Further step to paperless cargo communications

Traxon Europe, the leading provider of e-communications solutions in the air-freight industry, is now a partner of Leisure Cargo, the global general sales agent in cargo marketing for international airlines. Effective immediately, Leisure Cargo and its German customers can now handle their ecommunications via Traxon. The benefits for both sides are clear: optimal data quality, more efficient work flows, considerable time savings and increased customer satisfaction. Leisure Cargo is using the Traxon solutions e-Air Waybill, e-Status Update, e-Consolidation List as well as the “acknowledge” and “error” functions, bringing it a big step closer to its goal of paperless cargo communications. Of key importance for Leisure Cargo was not only the innovative technical features of Traxon’s portfolio, but also Traxon Europe’s proven track record of excellence in the business and its strong customer orientation. “It’s a great honour for us to have Leisure Cargo on board. Leisure Cargo is a company of exceptional importance in many markets, especially the German one, not least of all because it serves a number of destinations that other companies don’t,” says Beverly Seebach, Area Manager Sales at Traxon Europe.

Quelle: TRAXON Europe – Global Logistics System Europe GmbH

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