Norbert Dentressangle expands business at Heathrow

Norbert Dentressangle has signed several new business deals revolving around its handling centre at Heathrow Airport.

Established ten years ago as a perishables handling centre to serve Norbert Dentressangle’s major contract with British Airways World Cargo, the facility now provides chilled storage and handling services to importers, freight forwarders and retailers of fresh food products along with an increasing number of pharmaceutical companies.

Since end-2009, Norbert Dentressangle has secured business with companies including vegetable suppliers, Barfoots and Sandfields and freight forwarders Morgan Air and Jones Dooly.

Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Norbert Dentressangle’s Heathrow facility is the largest chilled airfreight distribution centre in the UK and is designed to allow importers and exporters around the world to reach their markets faster and keep their products fresher. All consignments are handled in a controlled environment until ready for despatch.

Activities within the centre include on-site customs clearance, container unloading, sorting of consignments to individual customer orders, blast cooling, storage and stock control in segregated cold stores, Quality Control inspection and shelf life testing, labelling and order picking, store tray assembly and onward distribution to retailers‘ RDCs.

The company also operates an EU- and DEFRA- approved Border Inspection Post for seafood, meat and dairy products requiring Health inspection on arrival.

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