Panalpina improves its cold logistics for the pharma industry

Panalpina strengthens its cold chain and responds to the high requirements of the customers from the international pharmaceutical industry


Panalpina has become one of the world’s biggest Qualified Envirotainer Provider (QEP) for active cooling solutions. With the newest accreditation of twenty locations – almost half of them in Asia – the enterprise now has a total of 43 Envirotainer-accredited locations in 27 countries (among them Frankfurt, Basel, Zurich, Prague and Vienna) to meet the soaring demand for forwarding temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals.

The Swedish cool-chain logistics specialist Envirotainer has confirmed accreditation of twenty additional Panalpina stations worldwide as Qualified Envirotainer Providers. Panalpina has gained this latest accreditation after meeting the strict requirements of Envirotainer’s Training and Quality Program for Good Distribution Practices of temperature sensitive medical products.

More and more perishable, temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products need to be forwarded over great distances. Demand is soaring,” says Thomas Berger, Global Head of Industry Vertical Healthcare at Panalpina. Pharmaceutical products such as vaccines, bio-engineered drugs or blood plasma, are among those which must be kept at a precise temperature during transportation. Otherwise their shelf life may be shortened and their effectiveness reduced or completely lost.

Active temperature control means that the shipment is protected by an integral air-conditioning system throughout the journey. Inside the air freight container a precise thermostat keeps the temperature stable. Envirotainer is the market leading pioneer of such active temperature-controlled air cargo containers.

Quelle: LogEastics

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