Rickmers-Linie to call Myanmar (Burma) on demand again

Vessels of the Rickmers-Linie’s India-service will be able to unload cargo of up to 800 tons in the port of Yangon

With the lifting of EU’s trade sanctions against Myanmar (Burma) for the present, Rickmers-Linie (Hamburg) is once again able to offer calls at the southeast Asian country. Vessels of the India service provided by the specialist for heavy lift and project loads will call the port of Yangon on demand effective now. The port will cater for throughput of heavy lift cargo up to 800 tonnes in weight.

Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon, was once the capital city of Burma – as Myanmar was known then. Although the city of Naypyidaw became Myanmar’s capital in 2006, Yangon, with a population of over four million inhabitants, continues to be the country’s largest city and the most important commercial centre. According to the estimation of the Rickmers-Linie’s experts Myanmar’s infrastructure will require significant improvements to match other major cities in Southeast Asia.

“We anticipate on the longer term that this issue will be addressed. Free of sanctions, Myanmar’s economy should develop quickly and an increase in construction activity is to follow. That will drive demand for break bulk and project cargo”, notes Gerhard Janssen, Rickmers-Linie’s Director, Sales & Marketing.

Rickmers-Linie counts among the leading providers of sea cargo transport of break bulk, heavylift and project cargo. The enterprise based in Hamburg is affiliated to the Rickmers group, which is active in the segments of maritime assets, maritime services and logistics services. The companies of the Rickmers group operate a fleet of 122 vessels in total.

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