Scania and Westerman build container terminal

Commercial vehicle manufacturer Scania developed a new international logistics concept for the delivery to countries with extremely high import duties

Scania and Westerman Logistics build a container terminal in Hasselt, Netherlands. The truck manufacturer will compose so-called ‚knocked-down‘-packages for export to countries with extremely high import duties, such as Brazil.

These components for approximately 20 trucks per day will be collected in a 20,000 m² logistics centre and stowed in containers from next year. The containers are transported by barge to Rotterdam. In addition to the logistics centre Salverda builds a 11,000 m² factory hall for Westerman Logistics, for which 3,500 piling elements must be installed for the purpose of cross-docking activities.

Currently 140 Scania trucks are produced per day in the factory in the Dutch town of Zwolle. More than half of all trucks sold by Scania in the EU came from Zwolle last year.

Quelle: Österreichische Verkehrszeitung

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