Waberer’s to add gas-powered trucks to its fleet

Waberer’s is planning to add gas-powered vehicles to its fleet following a series of trials in collaboration with Iveco and Shell.

Chief executive Ferenc Lajkó said: “Natural gas fuelled vehicles present a strong alternative in road transport, as these engines run with significantly lower emission and noise pollution rates and are also suitable for long-distance transport. This was particularly important for us as we are continuously exploring opportunities to reduce the ecological footprint of our activities. According to test results, operational costs might be lower as well. The growing number of natural gas filling stations on Europe’s roads is a great support to this trend.”

The company, which currently runs some 4,400 Euro 6 diesel trucks, ran a months-long trial of CNG and LNG powered Ivecos with its partner DanubeTruck. As a result, it expects to start adding gas-powered trucks to its fleet next year.

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