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Austrian Logistics wins HHM’s Vienna office as a ‘brand multiplier’

7. Dezember 2018 08:34

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Since a few weeks ago, the Port of Hamburg Marketing Representative Office in Vienna has been the brand multiplier of Austrian Logistics, the umbrella brand of the Austrian logistics sector. In this function, the HHM representative office in Austria headed by Alexander Till will use the large international network of Port of Hamburg Marketing to support the Austrian Logistics brand.

Austrian Logistics was created to position the excellent services of Austrian logistics companies more internationally and to further emphasise their importance for Austria as a business location in Germany. The brand was founded by the Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology in cooperation with the association for forwarding & logistics ZV, the Federation of Austrian Industry, the Austrian Economic Chamber, the Netzwerk Logistik association and Bundesvereinigung Logistik Österreich.

The range of tasks and objectives of Austrian Logistics are manifold: among other things, it aims to increase the national and international visibility of Austrian logistics among decision-makers from politics, industry, commerce, the service sector and the general public. Another goal is to strengthen cooperation, knowledge and experience between stakeholders.

The focus is on making important topics in logistics more powerful and making job descriptions in this sector more attractive. The umbrella brand succeeds, for example, by supporting future-oriented education and training.

www.austrianlogistics.at; www.hafen-hamburg.de


Source: oevz.com/en

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