Gefco strives for growth through international expansion

31. Januar 2018 08:57

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Gefco, a global provider of industrial supply chain services and European leader in automotive logistics, has reworked its brand identity with a new logo and slogan. The latter is “Partners, Unlimited” and reflects the group’s commitment to strengthened cooperation with partners and customers to add value along the entire global value chain. In the coming years, they will also focus on growth through international expansion and innovation – always with the intention to go the extra mile in a rapidly changing market environment, the company states in a press release.

Since the change in the shareholder structure in 2012, Gefco has expanded its activities, which today encompass a wide range of services – from freight transport via road, air, rail and sea to Fourth Party Logistics (4PL). Their ambition is to take care of the customers’ entire complicated logistics processes and help them transform the supply chain into a value chain. For this purpose, new operations have been developed, such as Gefco Industrial Services for the management of modular sub-assembly processes in the customers’ production facilities.

While Gefco keeps up its business volume with its historically grown customer PSA, the range of services for the automotive market has been diversified at the same time. In addition, the group has developed further industrial sectors (aerospace, manufacturing, heavy machinery, energy, life sciences and healthcare, fashion, consumer goods, food and electronics, etc.), which today account for approximately one-third of its total sales.

Gefco has grown internationally in 60 countries. The group’s 13,000 employees have 90 different nationalities, serve 300 destinations around the globe and generated sales of EUR 4.2 billion in 2016.

Gefco’s new branding is the result of a two-year, company-wide project that explored its DNA and what makes the brand unique to its customers and partners. CEO Luc says: “Our open-mindedness combined with our ability to listen to and learn from our partners means we always go the extra mile. Our new branding reflects all of this in its new logo and slogan. The new yellow square with our brand name symbolizes a window to the world, and our new slogan ‘Partners, Unlimited’ reaffirms our commitment to customers and partners. “

The word “Unlimited” expresses the company’s goal of continually expanding its boundaries; in terms of expertise, geographic reach, sustainable growth, creativity and innovation.



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