Government warned over virus containment strategy

Logistics UK (formerly the Freight Transport Association) has warned that if the government does not consider the economic impact of its latest coronavirus containment measures it could lead to further job losses.

Logistics UK’s chief executive, David Wells has urged the government to provide support for industries affected by the impact of Covid-19 and the lockdown that was enacted because of it.

Wells said: “Without improved revenues, businesses will be unable repay loans and deferred tax payments, while faced with taking on increased costs as the furloughing scheme ends.

“The Government must act now to support those sectors hardest hit by the downturn in the economy to avoid a further avalanche of redundancies, as businesses adapt to cope with the government’s new strategy for economic decline.”

He adds that “the recent flurry of redundancies from big brands like Marks & Spencer, John Lewis and Easyjet will only be the tip of a fast-approaching iceberg” if the government does not act to protect jobs.

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