Penske Logistics South America expands consumer business with LG Electronics

Penske Logistics has announced a contract with LG Electronics Brazil to offer expanded warehouse and dedicated distribution services. Penske Logistics will aid LG in the Brazilian distribution of consumer products such as televisions, DVD players, washing machines and refrigerators.

"We selected Penske Logistics because of the technical superiority and extended experience in electronics, and facilities that meet LG’s highest standards, and because its distribution centres are located in strategic areas," said Carlos Neto, logistics manager for LG Electronics Brazil.

Penske will store and distribute LG products from the following distribution centres: a 400,000 sq ft location in Cajamar, São Paulo; a 140,000 sq ft building in Jaboato dos Gurarapes, Pernambuco; and a 330,000 sq ft building in Salto, São Paulo. In total, Penske will aid LG Brazil in managing two LG owned facilities, and four distribution centres.

"Our strategic analysis of LG’s product portfolio and consumer market showed the best areas for these distribution centers, which are more geographically dispersed and better positioned to supply LG products," noted Penske Logistics South America managing director Paulo Sarti.

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