Specialist for Austria Brummer Logistik is expanding

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Brummer Logistik is preparing to launch a cooperation with Dachser Food Logistics in traffic with Austria


In order to be able to handle the expected volume growths resulting from the cooperation with Dachser Food Logistics starting on 1 May 2011, Brummer Logistik GmbH is preparing to enlarge its staff and fleet. “We will ad about 10 trucks to our fleet. The currently around 200 employees will be joined by about 15 new drivers and pickers the next days“, managing director Hans Brummer announces in the talk with the Austrian transport magazine Österreichische Verkehrszeitung.

Brummer Logistik based in Neuburg am Inn near Passau is specialising in the field of distribution of temperature-carried food in Germany and Austria as well as in procurement logistics for trade chains in these two countries. The family enterprise has about 200 employees, who are operating 100 refrigerating trucks and 20,000 m² warehousing space divided into three temperature ranges.

ÖVZ N° 14/2011 features a detailed report on the activities of Brummer Logistik.

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