Visemar Line establishes new logistics company

Visemar Logistic offers door-to-door service for freight transportations between Europe and the Near East


The Italian shipping company Visemar Line has founded a new sister company for freight transportations between Europe and the Near East. Visemar Logistic with its headquarters in Venice offers shippers a door-to-door service via the Venice-Tartu-Alexandria route.

The newly established company organises the complete land and sea transport from the point of collection to destination. Agricultural products are carried with own refrigerated trailers from Egypt via Venice to Northern Italy and the German speaking area. An agreement with the Italian-Egypt Business Council has already been reached. In addition to fruit and vegetables, it is mainly garments, vehicles, machines and cables that are transported.

Stefano Tositti, CEO Visemar Line: "Visemar Logistic is our response to the strong demand in the market. So far goods could only be transported from port to port on this line. Now we offer also a service comprising the complete way of the freight from house to house. The agreement with the Italian-Egypt Business Council shows the demand and significance of the motorway of the sea between Italy and Egypt for the Near East."

Since 20 May 2010 the Visemar Line shipping company has been operating its ro-pax route to the Near East. The ro-pax ferry Visemar One sails in a weekly rhythm on the motorway of sea from Venice in Italy via Tartu in Syria to Alexandria in Egypt. In addition to 200 trucks the ro-pax ferry is able to carry 325 passengers and 70 cars. For trucks 100 reefer connections are available. Moreover the ship allows for special transportations of a maximum height of 5.2 metres.

Quelle: LogEastics

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