Inauguration of DB Schenker’s e-mobility logistics fleet in Hörsching

DB Schenker to test ten forklift trucks with hydrogen fuel cells and Europe’s first indoor refuelling facility for organic hydrogen for one year
Handing over of the first of a total of ten lift trucks with hybrid-fuel cell drive to the project partner DB Schenker and putting into operation the first indoor refuelling facility for hydrogen in Europe, the project partners Linde Material Handling, Fronius International, DB Schenker, OMV, HyCentA Research and JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft are officially entering the stage of the field test of their research project “E-LOG-Biofleet”, presented in 2011.
On June 7 Doris Bures, Minister for Innovation, and Gerhard Roiss, CEO of OMV, inaugurated the hydrogen-driven fork lift and the refuelling facility for hydrogen at the DB Schenker location in Linz-Hörsching. As the pilot customer, the Upper Austrian branch of the globally operating logistics provider will be testing the modified fork lifts for one year.
E-mobility has big potential for use in logistics fleets. By using a range extender in the form of a hydrogen fuel cell productivity can be significantly leveraged through longer reaches and recharging periods. Reputable, innovative Austrian enterprises have jointly developed the technology required therefore: Linde Fördertechnik GmbH, OMV, Fronius. Forschungspartner Joanneum Research and HyCentA Research accompanied the development. The range extenders are supplied with hadrogen made from biogas. The fuelling process takes place indoor for the first time in Austria.
The objective of this project is to increase productivity of battery-operated fork lifts and storage technology devices, which had so far been limited through recharging and change of batteries, limited life cycle of batteries and a lot of maintenance work. As an approach for a solution therefore, Fronius and Linde Material Handling have together developed the HyLOG-Fleet-System, which replaces the battery and was developed for the use in storage technology devices.

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