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14. Oktober 2019 07:52

Hafen Rotterdam: Maßnahmenpaket für einen No-Deal-Brexit

Gemeinsam mit allen Partnern wie den Zollbehörden, dem Hafenbetrieb Rotterdam, dem Hafenbetrieb Amsterdam, Portbase und den beteiligten Städten und Gemeinden wird wieder intensiv an der Vorbereitung auf einen möglichen No-Deal-Brexit...

11. Oktober 2019 10:15

ikr: Treffen der deutschsprachigen Wirtschaftsminister in Vaduz

Heute Freitag, 11. Oktober findet in Vaduz das diesjährige Treffen der Wirtschaftsminister aus Deutschland, Österreich, der Schweiz und Liechtenstein statt. Zum traditionellen Treffen hat in diesem Jahr Regierungschef-Stellvertreter Daniel Risch...

8. Oktober 2019 18:17

10 pc no-deal truck tariff will impact ‘whole logistics industry’

A 10 per cent tariff on commercial vehicles in the event of a no-deal Brexit has been labelled a “tax on quality” that will “hinder the logistics industry contribution to...

8. Oktober 2019 16:53

Geodis tests no-deal Brexit plans

Geodis and chemical company Arkema have tested no-deal Brexit customs arrangements through a dry run organised by French Customs. Geodis and Akrema took part in the trial on 24 September,...

7. Oktober 2019 10:41

Moving goods between the UK and the EU may be changing

The Road Haulage Association is providing free industry advice on how Brexit will affect your business. Events delivered by legal experts, Backhouse Jones, plus a dedicated helpline will allow you...

7. Oktober 2019 07:37

Aufträge von Puma und Kellner & Kunz pushen Wachstum der TGW Logistics Group

Die TGW Logistics Group mit Sitz in Marchtrenk ist ein international führender Anbieter von Intralogistik-Lösungen. Seit fast 50 Jahren realisiert der österreichische Spezialist weltweit hochautomatisierte Anlagen für Kunden von A...

4. Oktober 2019 12:12

TGW kratzt an der Milliarden-Grenze im Auftragseingang

Die TGW Logistics Group mit Sitz in Marchtrenk hat das Wirtschaftsjahr 2018/2019 (1. Juli 2018 bis 30. Juni 2019) erfolgreich abgeschlossen. Die TGW Logistics Group mit Sitz in Marchtrenk hat...

2. Oktober 2019 16:19

Import Services signs Theo Klein deal

German toy manufacturer Theo Klein has appointed Import Services as logistics partner, to provide retail supply chain services, from product sources in the Far East and Germany, to customers in...

1. Oktober 2019 13:24

P&O partners with SGS Maco to offer customs services

P&O Ferrymasters is to offer customs declaration services to its customers after it signed a strategic partnership with customs service provider SGS Maco. SGS Maco will work with P&O to...

1. Oktober 2019 07:38

ALS Customs Services is prepared and ready for a No-Deal-Brexit

ALS Customs Services GmbH is an expert in all matters related to customs and has AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) and ISO 9001 certification. The company was founded in 1989 and offers...

30. September 2019 15:01

Transport costs reduced by up to 50 per cent within 12 weeks

As UK customer delivery costs continue to rise, exacerbated by the Brexit uncertainty for hauliers operating cross-border, knowing you are getting the best value for money from your palletised transport...

27. September 2019 15:26

International Forwarding doubles warehousing facilities

Freight forwarder International Forwarding has opened a 2,000m² secure storage facility neighbouring its existing offices and hub in Coleshill, Birmingham. The company said that the expansion was necessary as several...

27. September 2019 13:28

Unipart chairman warns of Brexit risk to supply chains

Unipart Group chairman John Neill CBE has warned that the risk Brexit poses to supply chains developed over decades “cannot be understated”. Neill’s warning came in his chairman’s statement, filed...

25. September 2019 18:57

DPD signs five-year contract with ASOS

ASOS has extended its ten-year partnership with DPD by awarding the parcel carrier a five-year, multi-million-pound contract to supply delivery services to across the UK until “at least” September 2024....

24. September 2019 09:00

Sourcing and procurement: It’s a question of faith…

Yesterday, the people at IMHX issued a headline grabbing press release just the very day before the triennial materials handling trade show at Birmingham’s NEC. It detailed the top-line findings...

23. September 2019 11:40

No-Deal Brexit will have detrimental effect say majority of supply chain managers

Six in ten (61 per cent) of logistics and supply chain managers believe that a No-Deal Brexit will have a detrimental effect on British businesses and the wider economy. The...

18. September 2019 17:20

CIPS: Brexit timed for peak Christmas disruption

A survey of UK and EU supply chain managers by the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) has found that almost half (48 per cent) of UK businesses have...

13. September 2019 16:30

Viewpoint: Why food shortages will be the best lesson for the supply chain

Brexit food shortages – as suggested by the Yellowhammer report – could be the best possible lesson for the British food supply chain on what’s to come, writes Professor Leon...

13. September 2019 11:49

Warehouse rents to continue to rise in London in event of no-deal Brexit

Warehouse space in London is set to see the highest amount of rent growth in the event of a no-deal Brexit, according to the latest analysis from Savills. The property...

12. September 2019 17:17

FTA: Yellowhammer shows much could still go wrong

The Freight Transport Association said that the release of the Operation: Yellowhammer document showed that there was “still much that could go wrong” as the country prepares to leave the...


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